Upgrade your customers’ bath waste and overflow drains.

PlushControl by Geberit.

When it comes to accessories for the bath, most home-owners think about towel bars, mirrors, lighting and coordinated fixtures - the pretty stuff.

However, for plumbers, “accessories” include traps, bath wastes and overflow drains - the, uh, not-so-pretty stuff.

But that’s all getting an upgrade now, in both style and performance. Today’s manufacturers are offering innovative designs to get customers to think twice about BWO options.

At this year’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, we visited a few companies that have taken on BWO re-design, from straightforward aesthetics to new applications.

Geberit’s new PushControl bath waste and overflow cable drains “take care of the details” by combining form and function, and make controlling the drain effortless with a simple push of a button.

Murano House Aquamarine Venetian vanity floor waste

PushControl adapts easily to bath thickness. All its critical working parts are outside the waterway and away from the flow of water, helping to prevent clogging. The smooth drain design, which according to Geberit improves drain rates, is matched with a high-quality Teflon-coated cable, designed to deliver trouble-free service.

The system’s contoured trim adds to its appeal and currently is offered in nine finishes to match any décor.

If pushing isn’t your style, homeowners could also choose Geberit’s Euro TurnControl or traditional BWO cable drains, which offer the same trouble-free and consistent performance.

With a simple 1⁄8 turn of the Euro TurnControl handle, the drain easily opens and closes. Its distinctive contoured handles in molded plastic or solid brass also are offered in a variety of finishes to coordinate with today’s most popular faucet styles.

As for looking at an existing drain from a different perspective, bath manufacturer American Standard added a BWO option to its newest air and whirlpool tubs. The overflow we saw on its Green Tea air bath featured the drain opening on thetopof the fitting, giving bathers an extra 2 inches in the tub for a deeper soak.

Designer Vanity Watch Waste by Murano House

And if your customers are looking for a little glitz in the bathroom, Murano House introduced its Designer Vanity Watch Waste. Made by craftsmen, the watch comes with precious stones inset into the timepiece. It is made of high-grade stainless steel for waterproofing and high-impact glass strengthened by Swiss pressure-testing.

The company also offers jeweled Venetian vanity wastes handmade in Italy with 24ct gold leaf and 925 silver and platinum leaf inset into the glass.

So BWO doesn’t have to stand for “boring waste options.” Pump up the volume in your next bathroom project. Upgrade with a new stylish drain waste or overflow.