The Nexstar Legacy Foundation recently awarded seven scholarships for a total of $15,000 for the 2008-09 academic year. In its three-year history, the foundation has awarded a total of $45,000 in scholarships. 

Students who are eligible for the awards have a plumbing, heating, cooling or electrical major at a university, community college or technical college, or are enrolled in an apprenticeship program while employed by a licensed contractor.

For the second consecutive year, the Frank Blau Jr. scholarship ($6,000) was awarded toMargaret Shafer. She attends the University of Texas-Austin, and is transferring to the Red McCombs School of Business to pursue a degree in business administration.

  • Benjamin Brown, $2,500; will attend Central Connecticut State University in the fall with a major in HVAC mechanical engineering.

  • Valerie Edward, $1,000; student in the Energy Technology (HVAC) program for the associate degree of applied science at Henry Ford Community College in Michigan.

  • David Hall, $1,000; employed as a full-time electrical apprentice at Wire Electric, Kenmore, N.Y.

  • John LaFleur, $1,000; HVACR student at Redstone College in Colorado.

  • Josh Roden, $2,500; mechanical engineering major at the University of Minnesota.

  • David Wahl, $1,000; a plumbing apprentice at Gillece PHCE, Bethel Park, Pa., and a student at the Associated Master Plumbers of Allegheny County plumbing school in Pittsburgh.