Now You Tell Me
Flip It
Clogged Tub

Now You Tell Me

Did you ever have to re-tighten a carrier rod locking nutafterthe tile has been installed? I welded a socket to the end of a 12-inch piece of 1-inch black pipe. This long socket fits through the tile on to the nut.
Mark Boucher
CAC Mechanical
Salem, N.H.

Flip It

This pertains to garbage disposals. Many times when installing the garbage disposal, it’s difficult to put the clamp onto the strainer without having another person holding it down or looking around for something to put weight on top of it.

I use the garbage disposal itself. I flip it upside down on top of the strainer. This gives you the ability to put your clamp on for a fast and effective method without wasting time looking to put weight on top of it.
Mike Dos Santos
Brian Trematore Plumbing
Forked River, N.J.

Clogged Tub

Here’s a variation of a Tool Tip that appeared in the August 2007 issue. When you have a clogged bathtub that has a trip-lever overflow assembly, try this: Remove the face plate and linkage. Put the handle of your coated Channellock pliers into the opening.

By doing this, you will avoid the possibility of loosening the connection of the overflow tube or having it fall out of the tee below. This will now allow you to push your cable into the drain and avoid the above problem in the process.

Some techs like to use a “C” clamp instead of the Channellocks, but I am concerned that it may damage the tub’s surface.
Eddie Edwards
Mike Diamond Plumbing
Culver City, Calif.

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