Removing Water From Work Areas
Tricky Pop-up Drains
Protecting Floors From Dolly Wheels

Removing water from work area

Recently I performed several 2-inch copper pipe service main emergency valve replacements in a multistory apartment complex where I experienced heavy water that kept bleeding down onto my work. My solution: I constructed a “pump rig” using my water heater pump, connecting the suction side of the pump to a washing machine hose. I screwed a 1/2-inch IP brass adapter to the washing machine hose and a 16-inch piece of 1/2-inch iron pipe to the end of the adapter.

I inserted the iron pipe through the interior of the ball valve and into the existing copper pipe, started the water heater pump and discharged the water through another section of hose to a location away from my work area.

The water heater pump managed to keep the water level low enough so that I was able to solder the ball valve to the copper pipe. I removed my “rig” from the ball valve and turned off the valve. The water was then under control.

Bret West
West Enterprises
Apache Junction, Ariz.

Tricky pop-up drain

Have you ever put in a lavatory pop-up drain with a flimsy lift bracket? Try this: Cut a piece of 1/2-inch copper and make a sleeve for it. If you need to bend it, make an offset copper sleeve with your 5/8-inch tubing bender. This will firm it up nicely and finish the job.

Jason Ravitz
Jason Ravitz Master Plumber
Shrewsbury, Mass.

Protecting floors from dolly wheels

Not only do I wear shoe covers or “booties” when I go into my customers’ homes, I also put them on dolly wheels when I need to roll a dolly into the house. This protects the homes’ floors, creating happy homeowners and repeat customers.

Keith Holman
Mullin Plumbing
Broken Arrow, Okla.