All-Purpose Cap
No Discharge
Auger Rx

All-Purpose Cap

Tired of wrestling open your ABS/PVC glue container? I place an inch and a half Fernco cap on the brush cap, tighten the clamp and presto! Put your Channellocks away. Used or new, your glue container will open by hand every time.
Stan Arent
Schoenwalder Plumbing and Heating
New Providence, N.J.

No Discharge

When replacing/servicing a dishwasher, try using a large, red-colored, round wire nut pushed into the rubber dishwasher drain hose to stop any discharge water from running out while you are servicing the unit. Twist the wire nut onto a piece of No. 10 wire first to make retrieving the wire nut easy after service. This will end costly carpet cleaning bills and keep the homeowner happy that the nasty dishwasher water didn’t leak into the kitchen cabinets. This can also work when replacing/servicing a garbage disposal.
Gerry McKown
Gerry McKown Plumbing & Drain Cleaning
Gilbertsville, Pa.

Auger Rx

I have found that when I use my auger machine, air tends to bleed out of the air bulb. When this happens, I have to stop, disassemble the hose to let the air back in, and then reassemble the unit before I can continue. To remedy this, I installed the valve of a blood pressure cuff that fits my line exactly. Now all I have to do is give it a quarter turn, and it automatically fills back up with air.
Brad Walter
Walter Plumbing
La Grande, Ore

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