Consumers will soon be able to identify high-performance, water-efficient lavatory faucets now that the Enviromental Protection Agency has released a product specification for ones that use about 30 percent less water than conventional models. 

In order to earn the WaterSense label, faucets must be independently tested and certified by a licensed certifying body to meet EPA’s water-efficiency and performance criteria. To meet the criteria, faucets and accessories such as aerators cannot flow at a rate of more than 1.5 gallons per minute, or less than 0.8 gpm. Working with stakeholders, EPA chose a rate that ensures both water savings and that the faucet flow rate will continue to meet the needs of the user.

WaterSense-labeled lav faucets should be hitting retailers and wholesalers in 2008.

IAPMO Research and Testing and NSF will provide product certification services for high-efficiency lavatory faucets under the WaterSense program.

Testing requirements can be found at Products meeting program requirements will be authorized to display the WaterSense logo.