EZ Nipple Removal
Replacing A Poly Supply Line
A Better Bucket System

EZ Removal

It took many times of breaking larger metal fittings in the wall for me to come up with this solution. Cut the nipples' length so you are able to get your recip saw in there. With a metal blade, cut out a 1/2-inch portion of the pipe at the top of the fitting. Be careful not to cut into the threads. Once you have cut through, take a slotted screwdriver and remove the cut portion. Place your channel locks or pipe wrench on the nipple and it is easily removed.

Tim Gregory
Plumbingworks Inc.
Bellflower, Calif.

Pull Through

When you need to replace a poly supply line to a dishwasher with a new stainless-steel flex supply line, couple the old supply line to the new one with a 3/8-inch compression coupling and pull new line though old route. This way you don’t have to reach under the washer or try to find supply holes while on your back.

Jonathan Luna
American Dream Plumbing, Heating and A/C

A Better Bucket

Who doesn’t use plastic five-gallon buckets to carry tools, parts, etc.? But one careless move dropping a pipe wrench into the bottom of the bucket can crack it, plus you usually don’t find out until you’re draining something into it. I’ve cut a 3/4-inch plywood disk to insert into the bottom of the bucket. Now, if I drop a wrench, fitting or drill with a bit attached, I don’t puncture my bucket.

James Hoxeng
Providence, R.I.

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