For use during the PHCC Apprenticeship Competition Oct 26 at Network ’07, Reed Manufacturing will donate common plumbing work tools.

For use during the PHCC Apprenticeship Competition Oct 26 at the ASA/PHCC Network ’07,Reed Manufacturing will donate 15 each of RW10 and RW14 Pipe Wrenches, FT6 Flaring Tool, TC1.6Q Tubing Cutter with cutter wheel for metal tubing, and two-pack cutter wheels for plastic to fit the TC1.6Q.

“These are common work tools for plumbers, and will be great resources for these journeymen throughout their careers,” the company said.

The PHCC Educational Foundation Plumbing Apprentice Contest brings together the best apprentices from around the country to compete against one another to determine who is “the best of the best”.

Contestants are selected by their state or local apprentice programs through a competitive process, and are sponsored by PHCC chapters to compete at the national level, representing both union and non-union programs.

Contestants will complete a rough in of a bathroom group, including DWV piping (cast iron and plastic), water piping (copper), and setting fixtures. They are given an eight-hour time limit to complete the project. Judging includes completion, but emphasis is placed on correct installation techniques (soldering, pipe joining, measurements/dimensions, etc.) and safety practices.