Two of the industries most prominent groups are taking a leading role and developing new recruitment programs. The Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA) and its partner the United Association have developed a pro-active program calledFive Star Careersto successfully recruit the HVACR service technicians of tomorrow.  

Five Star Careers literature and website explain the career opportunities available in the HVACR field.  It will aid career counselors, high school students and parents in understanding the various career paths and benefits of a career in the HVACR industry.

Persons interested in a career can submit their career profiles online ( for instant access to more than 1,200 contractors. Interested employers can help recruit the next generation of HVACR service technicians by adding a link to on their website, or handing out the recruitment brochures.

In related news, the UA has developed a program to identify top HVACR graduates and top HVACR programs from which they will recruitment the next generation of HVACR service technicians.  

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