LA-CO Industries announced the winners of its Summer 2006 Regular Flux® promotion, which sent winners to cheer on their local teams as they took the field in the race for play-off potential.

Local distributors featured a LA-CO display encouraging the purchase of a 1-pound jar of Regular Flux for a chance to enter the drawing for tickets to an upcoming MLB game. Along with the jar of Regular Flux, customers also received one Valve Action® paint marker and a drink mug. Depending on the location of the winner, each was awarded tickets to see a San Diego Padres, LA Dodgers, Chicago White Sox or Milwaukee Brewers game. Winners of the contest are as follows:

  • Treva Wharton, Pacific Plumbing, of El Cajon,Calif. The participating distributor was MWI Plumbing in Oceanside, Calif. Wharton received tickets for a San Diego Padres game.


  • Gregory Shin, Henry’s Plumbing and Heating, of Huntington, Calif. The participating distributor was Express Pipe in Whittier, Calif. Shin received tickets for a LA Dodgers game.


  • Donald Burger, owner of Burger Plumbing, of Mt. Prospect, Ill. The participating distributor was Michael Wagner & Sons in Wheeling, Ill. Burger received tickets for a Chicago White Sox game.


  • Dionn Darrow, D&D Supply, of Burlington, Wis. The participating distributor was United Supply in Milwaukee, Wis. Darrow received tickets for a Milwaukee Brewers game.