PHCC And HD Supply
Artistic Freedom

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PHCC And HD Supply

I found it quite interesting that Steve Smith chose to write about PHCC’s recent meeting with the leadership of HD Supply (“PHCC, HD Supply To Meet To Discuss Possible Part-nership,” December 2006). When contacted by Mr. Smith, we told him that this is not a media event and we prefer that nothing be written about it at this time.

PHCC is trying to assess the best way to approach this large company, which will definitely be a part of the wholesale side of our industry. We would prefer to gather the facts and then come out with a decision based on what is best for PHCC and for the industry.

These questions remain: Do we oppose Home Depot (and its subsidiary companies), do we embrace Home Depot or do we ignore Home Depot? As the association representing our industry, we cannot sit on the sidelines and see what happens. It is our duty to facilitate the best course of action for the industry.

At this time we feel opposing Home Depot would be a wasted effort. We might not agree with all of the ways they market products, so it seems hard to embrace them. And we definitely cannot ignore such a large entity in our industry. So what do we do? That is why we held a meeting with HD Supply and subsequently invited the president of plumbing/HVAC to ad-dress the PHCC board of directors this January. In the end we hope to have a plan of action that is best for the industry.

As you are reading this, our board has already met with the president of HD Supply. If you would like the latest information, feel free to visit the PHCC Web site at We intend to keep our members well informed as we move forward.

Additionally, we do not intend to turn our backs on our other industry allies. Each of PHCC’s Partners in Professionalism was given a full accounting of our first meeting with HD Supply. Also, we have been in contact with the leadership of the American Supply Association as these meetings progress.

Sometimes we don’t have all the answers, so we have to research, ask questions and make assumptions - all the while being as open and transparent as possible. In the end, the best answer for the future of PHCC and for our industry will surface. But for now all we can say is we are meeting and gaining as much information as possible.

Jo Rae Wagner, President
Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors – National Association

Artistic Freedom

Once again Ellen Rohr’s column in PM hit me to the core. I’ve been reading her columns since the early-1990s. Ellen helped inspire me to take the leap and start my own business, which I did about five years ago. I got help from a lot of other great people along the way, such as Frank Blau and Randall Hilton and the like.

Well, now I have a profitable plumbing service shop that needs me less and less every day. It has allowed me the time to start working through a book called “The Artist’s Way” and putting paint to canvas. Here I am reading her column in a plumbing magazine asking us to show our freak flags (“Fly Your Freak Flags,” December 2006). You can find one of mine at

Andrew Twidwell
ABT Plumbing & Drain Service
Nevada City, Calif.