Little Giant Pump Co. has been renamed Franklin Electric–Water Transfer Systems after being acquired by Franklin Electric Co. in April 2006.

Little Giant Pump Co., a leading provider of commercial and consumer water transfer solutions, has been renamed Franklin Electric–Water Transfer Systems. The name change occurs in connection with the Little Giant Pump Co. acquisition by Franklin Electric Co., Inc. in April 2006. Due to its well-established brand equity, the Little Giant® brand name will continue to be the lead brand for all Water Transfer Systems product lines.

R. Scott Trumbull, chairman and chief executive officer of Franklin Electric Co., made this business identity announcement. Franklin Electric, headquartered in Bluffton, Ind., is the world’s largest manufacturer of submersible electric motors and a global supplier of water pumping systems and fuel pumping systems. The Franklin Electric–Water Transfer Systems business unit will be based out of the former company headquarters in Oklahoma City, Okla.