Keeney Mfg.’s Seal2Test™ bath drains are the easiest way pressure test a DWV system. The easy screw-on test plugs allow the installer to seal off the overflow and waste shoe and pressure test up to three stories. After the test, simply pry off the test plug from the overflow, unscrew the test plug from the waste shoe, and replace them with the drain closure and overflow faceplate.

Additionally, Seal2 Test™ bath drains offer superior protection from leaks and mold. Traditionally, the overflow on a bath drain only seals against the back wall of the tub.  Seal2 Test™ bath drains use a combination of two seals, a sponge rubber washer against the back wall, and a flat rubber washer that seats at the interior tub wall that will ensure years of leak- and mold-free operation.

Available in several designer finishes and three different drain closures: Lift ‘N Turn, Roller Ball, and Foot Lok™. 

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