ISH North America attendees will have the opportunity to see some of the United Association's state-of-the-art training trailers during UA Day, Friday, Sept. 29, in Chicago. UA instructors will be on hand to demonstrate to conference participants how the trailers are used in the training of apprentices and journeyworkers.

UA Special Representative Peter Marzek said the trailers' training modules simulate field situations in heating, cooling and process piping (gas, water and other liquids), along with the appropriate instrumentation. The student is expected to diagnose and correct any faults (put in by the instructor) in the systems.

Sophisticated piping systems as installed in hospitals and other medical facilities will also be on display. Also, a fire sprinkler burn trailer will show how fire sprinklers save lives and property.

Marzek said the trailers are provided to local unions on request, whether for training classes, demonstrations or career days.

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