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Feels Good To Volunteer

Just read [Dan Holohan's] article about volunteering (“A Great Balance,” February 2006). There are many times his articles bring tears to my eyes. This one really did big time; it was so beautiful. I hope it encourages others to share a little of their time with others.

Most of my volunteering is done with PTA, vo-tech schools, teaching a religion class, or the PHCC Auxiliary. If I ever grow out of those things (and at this point I don't know if I ever will), I'd like to do some work with Habitat for Humanity or Meals on Wheels.

A lot of my volunteerism is because for some reason no one ever taught me to say NO, but I find I get more than I give just by helping out. God bless [Dan] and a big thank-you for such great articles.
Gerry Calfo
Calfo & Haight Inc.
Wilmington, Del.

Women: What A Concept

I've been telling my wife for years that women service techs would be a great idea. I know a woman electrician who does a great job and sells like crazy, mostly because the homes she goes to during the day have women at home, and they're more comfortable speaking with a woman and taking a woman's advice on wants and needs.

I spent 13 years as an automotive service advisor and saw the same thing in that profession. Women service advisors, even those without a lot of experience or product knowledge, could easily outsell the guys because the female buyers felt like they weren't being taken or lied to. It was tough for me because I won't sell something that's not needed, but I worked with guys who'd try to sell unneeded repairs just to pad their commissions.

I have a lot of confidence in female service techs and think they'd be a great asset to our profession. I wish I was in a position to hire a female tech. She'd be on top of my “must interview” list.
Mark S. Simone
Sandpiper Plumbing Inc.
Cape Coral, Fla.

Calling All Wet Heads!

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