Dependability Through The Decades

John Curley and his father Thomas strive for one thing in their 34-year-old plumbing business: exceeding their customer's expectations for dependability and service. With the help of their fleet of Thomas Curley Plumbing & Heating trucks, the father-son team does just that.

Pictured here is one of two Dodge Sprinters, which are used for the company's service and repair work. Curley also owns two Mitsubishi box trucks for new construction, and five Ford E350 vans for renovation work and other jobs. Each type of vehicle differs in shelving systems in order to maximize the efficiency of each service offered. Back in the early 1970s, though, the company had a mish-mash of colors and vehicles: pick-ups, station wagons, even regular cars.

“As we grew our business, client base and annual sales, we were able to purchase new fleet vehicles and [uniformly] apply our company info and logos on each truck,” says John Curley. The large lettering and clear phone number and Web site display on the Curley trucks are some of the most readable this editor has seen on a service truck. The large “billboard” quality of the Sprinter helps considerably, but the company's commitment to presenting a steady, constant image helps it streamline the business; so though the make and model differ, the color and company logo remain continuous.

This consistent image for clients has projected to other aspects of the company. Curley Plumbing has designed its operational manual with the help of Al Levi and Appleseed Business Inc. in order to assist its technicians to deliver the same level of service time after time, John says. Soon to come is a more uniform inventory system for the vehicles. “Right now, each technician is responsible for his own inventory.”

The trucks normally carry a little bit of everything. “We know the common material and repair parts to carry for our area, as we have been working in Great Neck and surrounding areas for quite some time.”

The company's longevity and familiarity with its customers promotes the sense of dependability. But surviving work with your father and family for 26 years can be tough. “It has its ups and downs,” John admits. “But overall it has been a blessing. We have grown to be a very good team.” And, like the Curley company trucks, both father and son have something different to bring to the table, yet they work together toward a single company goal of complete customer satisfaction.

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