Eight out of 10 radiant contractors agree: Significant growth in radiant subfloor installations will occur over the next five years.

This information was taken from a recent PM installation survey of radiant readers on the “channeled modular board systems market," aka radiant subfloors.

Besides asking contractors to look into their crystal balls for market trends, we also asked about installation stats, sales volume and contractor influence. Here are some key findings.

The majority of radiant subfloor installations by respondents were identified as new installations (66 percent new installation, 34 percent retrofit) and over suspended applications (63 percent suspended, 37 percent over existing slab).

Besides the 82 percent agreement that the next five years bode well for modular subfloor installations in the radiant market, almost two-thirds (64 percent) of respondents believe there will be an increase in sales for 2006.

Annual sales for radiant subfloor installations in the past 12 months averaged about $45,000, and 16 percent of plumbing firms' total annual sales were attributed to radiant subfloor installations, the survey found.

When it comes to radiant subfloor brands, 83 percent use one or two brands, while 17 percent use three or more. Plus, more than 75 percent of the time during a sale, 38 percent say they have an influence with the end-user about radiant brand purchases.

According to the survey, trade magazines and manufacturers' reps were identified by the majority of participating presidents/owners as an information source used regarding radiant subfloors.

A complete copy of PM's “Installation: Radiant Subfloors” study, including more information on product decisions, can be purchased for $95. For more information about this survey or other PM research, contact Cory Maxwell at 248/ 244-6415 or maxwellc@bnpmedia.com.