Connecticut GovernorM. Jodi Rell;Ernie Allen, president and CEO of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC); and EMCOR Group Chairman and CEOFrank T. MacInnisrecently announced the expansion of EMCOR’s “Taking KidSafety to the Street” program. Having participated in the recovery of 100 missing children, EMCOR will use its KidSafety program as part of a new initiative, which includes increasing visibility and enlisting other companies to help reduce the number of children that go missing, starting in its headquarters state of Connecticut.

In September 2005, EMCOR launched the program - a three-pronged national initiative that is an in-the-buildings, on-the-streets and at-home program designed to help find missing children and promote child safety. The company’s nationwide fleet of more than 6,000 service vehicles displays posters that include photos and information about missing children, along with NCMEC’s 24-hour hotline number (1-800-THE-LOST ) that can be called with information about a missing child.

The posters are tailored to different geographic zones that encompass the United States, United Kingdom and Canada, with a new poster photo rotated monthly in each of 10 regions. Connecticut will be the eleventh region.

The second prong of the KidSafety program involves EMCOR’s facilities personnel trained to implement Code Adam, which is activated when a child is first reported as missing within a facility and prior to the arrival of law enforcement personnel. A national sponsor of the Code Adam program, EMCOR will provide (via free DVD and/or from its corporate site) an online training program developed for its own employees to all organizations that request it.

The initiative is continued online A special brochure created by EMCOR, “My Safety Tips,” provides kids with NCMEC’s rules for child safety and Internet safety tips, as well as building safety tips. After reading these rules, children can print out a “KidSafety Challenge Certificate,” which shows that they know the important ways to keep themselves safer in various situations.