Plumb-Rite's WINGTITE

"Replace The Drain, Not The Whole Shower"

  • Install entirely from the top of the shower
  • Most repairs are completed in approximately 20 minutes
  • Can be installed after shower stall or pan is set
  • O-ring seal allows for flex of shower stall
  • No special tools required
  • Fits 2-inch ABS, DWV PVC, galv., and cast-iron pipe
  • Used in homes, hospitals, college dorms, apartment complexes, casinos, hotels and condos
  • One-person installation
  • Thousands installed

    Now there's a quick repair for leaking shower drains in fiberglass shower stalls -- without having to tear the stall out or cut holes in the ceiling. Introducing from PLUMB-RITE MFG. INC. the WINGTITE[r] replacement shower drain is designed to replace leaking drains in plastic and fiberglass shower stalls without removing the shower. The WINGTITE drain is for 2-inch ABS and PVC drainpipe, with adapters for 1 1/2- and 2-inch copper pipe. After removing the existing drain by following detailed instructions provided, the WINGTITE drain is installed all from the top; no below access is required. The WINGTITE has an O-ring that seals on the existing standpipe and four "wings" that extend under the shower hole to secure the drain to the shower base. In a short few minutes, the shower is repaired, saving you and the customer a ton of time and money.

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