March seems so far away but it keeps drawing nearer. The longer you put off signing up for the PM/MCAA/Ecoflex ISH 2001 Grand Tour, the more you risk being left out.

ISH is the world's largest plumbing-heating exposition, held every other year in Frankfurt, Germany. Grand Tour guests will be treated to luxurious accommodations and plenty of extracurricular fun, including a trip to Prague. Approximately three dozen industry citizens have already signed up as of this writing in early October, including Mr. and Mrs. Smitty Belcher, president-elect of MCAA and Mr. and Mrs. John Gentile, MCAA executive director. By the time you read this, many more registrations undoubtedly will have taken place, and rooms may be in short supply.

Don't delay a moment longer. For more information visit the Ecoflex Web site at and click on the ISH 2001 Grand Tour banner. Or contact show coordinate Anne Coffelt at 707/939-9410; fax 707/939-9427; e-mail: