More than 250 service and repair contractors"laissez le bon temp roule"(let the good times roll) in New Orleans during the Quality Service Contractors' Power Meeting XVIII in February, making it the largest crowd ever for the enhanced service group.

The meeting featured a new educational format, due to the size of the group, in which segments of the four business- and personal-related seminars were divided amongst attendees to make for accessible class size.

The business management sessions were presented by Proof Management consultants, which has trained more than 250,000 industry professionals. Seminars included the day-long "Knowing the Numbers and Trends to Drive Profits," presented by Monroe Porter, who told the groups they don't have to be the "big company" they think they need to be.

"The trick is to make your small business successful," Porter said. "If it's not working, then you don't have the right person or tools in the office."

On the personal side, psychologist to the construction trade, Dan Kohler, offered "The Psychology of Stuck," where attendees learned to avoid the "stinkin' thinkin'" that seems to plague business owners everywhere.

"We each have all the knowledge we need to succeed," said Kohler. "But why do we seem to lose it in the 'heat of battle?'" Kohler also spoke about the many personalities that employees bring to the workplace, and how to manage such diversity.

Speaker Mary Stefanik focused the groups to change their unhealthy lifestyles. In order to bring balance to their personal and professional lives, individuals need five pieces in order to have a "healthy pie:" social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical (health and fitness). Taking care of your mind and body is not something to do if you had more time, Stefanik preached. It is essential to your survival.

In other QSC news, Rebecca Gold of Wigginton's Plumbing Service, Nathrop, Colo., was elected the first female chairperson of the group since its inception in 1994. She has been a member of QSC since 1996, and a trustee since 1998. Gold has been a licensed plumber since 1991, the same year she became a business owner.

Gold replaces Scott Ziegler, who was QSC chairperson the last three years. Tom Maniuszko of Day-Night Plumbing & Heating Co., Richmond Hill, N.Y., will serve as QSC's vice chair. Two new trustees also were elected at the meeting: Keith Bienvenu, Bienvenu Brothers Enterprises, Metairie, La.; and Patty Frank, Milton Frank Plumbing Co. Inc., Spring, Texas.

The next QSC meeting will take place July 17-20 in Baltimore. For more information about QSC visit, or call 800/533-7694.