About 400 contractors attended the Radiant Panel Association's first RadFest, April 15-16, Madison, Wis., a combination trade show, educational seminar and informal meeting.

More than 40 different companies, mostly manufacturers and a few local wholesalers, displayed their products in 50 booths. Directly on the trade show floor, three different tents held educational sessions called “Pit Stops” with room for about 30 participants. At various times, for example, attendees could hear more on electric boilers, Web-based controls, and closed loop water quality. In all, the two-day show featured nine seminars, with many discussions standing-room only. Another tent was set aside just for fun and games and included a PEX ring toss.

Meanwhile, several tables lined along one side of the trade show allowed attendees to gather and discuss an assigned topic or one of their choice.

In addition to the trade show, the RPA also offered its full-day Radiant Basics and Radiant Precision courses, as well as its certification classes.

The second RadFest took place May 21-22 in Loveland, Colo. No further RadFests are scheduled for this year.

The RPA does plan on holding four RadFests in 2005, located in each of the country's four time zones. Portland, Ore., Denver and Washington, D.C., are tentative cities, with a final city in the Midwest still to be determined. The District of Columbia RadFest will likely feature an expanded program, including an RPA membership meeting and updates on various subcommittee activities.

Additional information will be posted at www.RPAconference.com, or you can find out more details by calling 800/660-7187.