Learn hydronic heating installation and design by attending I=B=R school this spring. Look no further to develop fundamental residential hydronic heating knowledge and skills. If you are a contractor, wholesaler, plumber or heating equipment installer, this two day class will teach you hydronic heating system design and system installation.

You'll also learn how to design and install a hydronic heating system, the boiler, piping and its accessories with baseboard and radiators. The class will encompass heat loss calculations, pipe sizing, heating system design, control selection, boiler sizing, baseboard and radiation selection, indirect water heating, zoning, wiring and circulator selection. Plus you'll learn to save your customers energy, save yourself money, earn more profit and win more jobs.

For more information or to register, please visit www.bnpmedia.com/conferences, or contact Keri Wrobel at 248/244-6463 or e-mail at wrobelk@bnpmedia.com.

Courses are developed by The Hydronics Institute Division of GAMA and are administered by BNP Media's conferencing group.


April 1-2 - Providence, RI
April 13-14 - Columbia, MD
April 15-16 - Philadelphia, PA
April 27-28 - Detroit, MI
April 29-30 - Toledo, OH
May 18-19 - Milwaukee, WI
May 20-21 - Chicago, IL
June 14-15 - Manchester, NH
June 17-18 - Portland, ME