A total of 12 market research studies performed by the Market Research Dept. of Business News Publishing Co. are now available for purchase at www.PMmag.com. The studies detail industry purchasing trends and other information. Topics covered include:
    Wholesale Distribution Market Trends
    Specifying Market Trends
    National Profile of Contractor Purchasing Trends
    Engineering Internet Usage
    Plumbing Specifier Professional Profile
    Plumbing Contractor Software
    Gas Piping
    Hydronic Controls
    Wholesaler Patronage Among Contractors
    Fire Sprinkler Study
    Water Conservation
    Commercial Water Heaters
The Web site offers a full description of the content of each study along with price information. Also available for purchase on the same Web site are Buying and Specifying Guides, Radiant Heating Report and John Siegenthaler's "Hydronics Toolbox."