Maio Success Systems Inc. announced its Fall Seminar Tour to be held in several cities across the nation. "Winning In The Field 2000" seminars will conclude in Phoenix, Ariz., in November.

The seminars are especially designed for plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical service contractors. The one-day symposium teaches service contractors and their employees about flat rate pricing, in bound/out bound calling, how to sell service agreements, dispatching/customer service, warehouse management, technician training, marketing, Yellow Pages ads and more.

The schedule includes the following cities and dates:

    Cleveland, OH - Oct. 16
    Buffalo, NY - Oct. 18
    Boston, MA - Oct. 20
    Philadelphia, PA - Oct. 23
    Charlotte, NC - Oct. 25
    St. Louis, MO - Nov. 6
    Kansas City, MO - Nov. 7
    Omaha, NE - Nov. 8
    Denver, CO - Nov. 10
    Las Vegas, NV - Nov. 13
    Phoenix, AZ - Nov. 15.
Call Julie Smith for more information at 800/344-MAIO (6246), or visit the Web site