Deiter Bros., Bethlahem, Pa.
This month's truck of the month winner is no stranger toPlumbing & Mechanical.

This month's truck of the month winner is no stranger to Plumbing & Mechanical. Having previously been recognized for its Web site and inventive use of snowmelt (not to mention winners of the PM/Wearguard “Re-Do Your Crew” uniform contest in October 2002), the Bethlehem, Pa.-based Deiter Bros. wows us this time with an impressive fleet of 27 trucks.

Its 12 standard vans are used for the company's heating and cooling services, which include radiant heat and snowmelt, central air conditioning, humidification, air purification, and water treatment. Three cube vans aid in more extensive installations and radiant heat work.

Six 2,800-to-4,100-gallon oil fuel-delivery trucks and two 7,500-gallon tractor-trailers handle bulk fuel delivery.

Finally, two stake body trucks transport equipment to and from a jobsite, such as a backhoe and forklift, to and from jobsites.

While the company, which started out delivering block ice to homes in 1929, is still at heart a heating business, for the past five years Deiter Bros. has operated 4 Seasons Security, which provides 24-hour electronic monitoring for customers, and an array of custom security systems, including fire, carbon monoxide and water emergencies.

“Each of our other divisions cross-sell by including a free system with each quote,” says Jim Deiter, president. “If the customer has any interest in the system, a trained security consultant will make an appointment with the client.”

Deiter Bros. also grabs the attention of its clients with its popular “Ugly Heater Contest.” The homeowner with the oldest, ugliest, most inefficient system wins a brand new boiler installed by Deiter Bros.

“Upon entry, we send a systems consultant out to photograph the 'Basement Behemoth,'” says Deiter. “It's also an ideal opportunity to provide a free estimate on a new high-efficiency heating system.”

The winner of this “nonbeauty” contest is announced in a special program on a leading local radio station.