This plumbing company takes tidiness to the next level.

Maurici The Clean Plumbers
The Clean Plumbers. No, it's not an oxymoron. It's this month's Truck Of The Month winner from Tampa Bay, Fla., chosen for its ingenious use of the power of suggestion on its trucks and uniforms.

Nearly four years ago, when owner Phil Maurici's technicians completed a service call for Phillip Maurici Plumbing, a 6 oz. bottle of pina-colada-smelling antibacterial soap was given to the client. It featured "The Clean Plumbers" on the label, as well as a $5 coupon on the back.

But soon Maurici and his son Stephen decided an improved company logo was called for. They came up with the pipe wrench and bubbles.

“Changing to Maurici The Clean Plumbers made everyone step up to the plate and clean up after themselves,” says Maurici, owner of the business for 22 years. “We started carrying our own cleaning soaps and equipment on each truck.” The company currently owns 10 plumbing trucks - seven 12-ft. box vans and three pickups - all featuring the company logo.

Wanting to reinforce the company image and make it easier to remember, Maurici arranged for the uniforms also to display the bubbles, wrench and clean logo. “The Clean Plumbers” has been trade marked. The company's newsletter, “The Toilet Paper,” is sent out quarterly to existing clients.

A charter member of the Quality Service Contractors and founding member of PSI, Maurici's business has grown. Last year, plumbing service sales grew by 18 percent, and clients couldn't be more impressed.

“Our clients mention on our comment cards that we really do perform clean work,” Maurici states proudly. “I think part of it is that we point out the clean work by using The Clean Plumbers logo on the trucks and uniforms.”