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True Success

I just finished reading Jim Olsztynski's editorial, "Can Consolidation Suc-ceed?" (March 2002). Three years ago I joined Excellence Alliance Inc. because I was concerned about the effects consolidators and utilities would have on my continued success.

Yet I keep proving to myself over and over that the better I treat my employees, the more successful my company becomes. When the business you are in focuses purely on profits, the culture suffers. And without a strong culture, your business will stagger.

Last summer, I attended a local ACCA seminar/golf outing. I asked a manager of one of the consolidated companies where their president was since he had attended this event on a regular basis. I commented that I thought he really liked to golf. His response was, "Well, things have changed around here." These large conglomerates are forced to focus strictly on profits. This is demanded of them by their shareholders. This will never change.

That is why I will continue to flourish. Unless you reinvest your profits back into your people, true success will never come.

Wally Bonfe
Bonfe's Plumbing, Heating & Air Service Inc.
St. Paul, Minn.

Filters Aren't The Problem

I enjoyed reading Kelly Faloon's article regarding the water treatment industry ("Water Treatment: A Professional Business For The Professional Trades," April 2002). However, the quote from Julius Ballanco regarding growth of bacteria on carbon filters is misleading and untrue.

This issue has been studied to death by NSF, WQA and others. The facts are that background bacteria is present most everywhere in the plumbing system, and the simple addition of a screen on the end of a faucet collects organic matter that some bacteria thrive on.

All certified products by NSF suggest in the literature to not install on water that is bacteriologically unsafe or of unknown quality. The EPA, and state and local health officials have the responsibility of approving water sources. The water treatment industry serves these safe sources and improves them.

Andrew Zeigler
Waterline Technology
Ontario, Ohio

No Laughing Matter

Regarding Dan Holohan's column, "Road Warriors" (April 2002), where he lifted up the assault on the elderly woman as a humorous anecdote, imagine an elderly woman being tailgated, honked at, and finally having her ear screamed into. Plus in between, a long-winded, elaborate lie to mock her. This is what makes Kevin feel pretty darn good?

The woman is right. Kevin's behavior is a disgrace. Dan Holohan is a partner in this disgrace by embellishing it. I hope Dan will condemn this behavior and that Kevin will gain grace with maturity.

Remember, "An unfriendly man pursues selfish ends; he defies all sound judgment."

Lee Burgwin
Burgwin Plumbing & Gas Fitting
Midlotian, Va.