Lochinvar Corp. is introducing a new Boiler Application School to its 2003 Lochinvar University Training Schedule. The boiler training features instruction on selecting the correct boiler, vent system, pumps, piping system and control system for boiler applications. The next session is Aug. 14-15.

Other training schools offered by Lochinvar are:

  • Sizing and Application School -- July 10-11

  • Intelli-Fin and Power-Fin Extended Commercial Products School -- July 31-Aug. 1; Oct. 30-31

  • Power-Fin Commercial Products School -- May 29-30; Oct. 2-3

  • Copper-Fin II Commercial Products School -- July 17-18; Sept. 11-12

  • Copper-Fin Commercial Products School -- Aug. 21-22
For registration information, contact Lochinvar at 615/889-8900 or visitwww.lochinvar.com.