Pexcel Pureflow[TM] Water Systems

Safer, faster and easier than soldering copper.

For over 100 years Viega has led the European plumbing and heating market with its ever-expanding line of innovative products. An icon of engineering capability, quality and stability, Viega is a household name in Europe. With four state-of-the-art factories, the company has grown worldwide to meet customer demands for a variety of products.

During the past 25 years in North America, Stadler has developed its success through systems ingenuity, with innovative offerings, such as the Climate Panel System, the S-NO-ICE System, and the Combi-Flex System in addition to the more standard Concrete, Lightweight Concrete and Heat Transfer Plate radiant heating systems. The two companies, Stadler and Viega have joined forces and maintain Stadler-Viega headquarters in Massachusetts.

"Everybody wants and deserves pure, clear, contaminant-free water. It is fundamental to our health," says Andy Fiefhaus, vice president and general manager of Stadler-Viega. "The Pexcel Pureflow Water Distribution System is the result of continuous research and development, driven by a proven world-class history of dedication to customer needs and satisfaction."

Simple in concept, it is the Pexcel Pureflow Water System engineering and labor savings features that have sold installing contractors across the country. The unique Press Tool makes reliable hydraulic-style fitting connections quickly and easily in sizes from 3/8 inch to 1 inch.

"I have not taken my torch out of the truck since we have started using the Pureflow System," glows mechanical contractor, Brian Bilo, last seen installing the Pureflow System at the Manchester project filmed by "This Old House." "Where we need piping bigger than 1 inch, we use the Ridgid Viega copper ProPress system which marries beautifully with the Pureflow System," continues Bilo.

"The Stadler-Viega Press Tool is designed and factory calibrated so that it only releases after the correct amount of pressure has been applied," explains product engineer Jeff Matson. "This solder-free joining technology makes a more reliable connection than a soldered one, with the added benefit of no flame in the process."

There are two types of PEX tubing in the Pexcel Pureflow Water System - lightweight flexible Pexcel, a black electronically cross-linked high-density polyethylene, and FostaPex, which is a composite pipe consisting of Pexcel and aluminum for form stability and limited expansion. A key benefit of the Pexcel and FostaPex tubing is its proven resistance to chemically aggressive water conditions and temperature aging.

Even more significant, however, and an advantage over other PEX tubing on the market, is the black coloring that inhibits the passing of light into the water system. Not only does the black color improve the UV resistance of the tubing, its light-blocking properties support hygienic conditions by eliminating the possibility of algae growth. Both types of tubing, while serving different functions, use the same fitting system and meet strict ASTM standards in addition to UPC and international codes for potable water systems.

The Pureflow System technology has proven itself for years in apartment and condominium complexes, as well as in light commercial and individual residences.

"My customers appreciate the benefits of this system," states New Jersey contractor Peter Winterburger. "I love that it is very clean and easy to install and that it allows me to significantly cut my labor costs - with that everybody wins."

"The high quality bronze Pureflow System fittings are more resistant to corrosion and stress cracking than other fittings on the market," states Stadler-Viega national sales manager, David Garlow. "The System is competitively priced and supported by a 25-year warranty on the tubing and a 10-year warranty on the fittings for Stadler-Viega trained installers."

A large variety of fitting styles, such as copper adapters, male and female NPT adapters, tees, reducing tees, couplings and elbows, as well as fasteners, valves, and accessories, such as washing machine and icemaker outlet boxes, etc., are featured in the Pexcel Pureflow Water Systems Product Catalog.

For additional information on the Stadler-Viega Pexcel Pureflow Water System or other Stadler-Viega products, visit or call 800/370-3122.

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