Hodes Company's Stock Service System™

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The Stock Service System™ helped Tom Mahoney's company get organized. The medium-sized repair plumbing contractor has been buying parts fromHodes Companyfor two generations and jumped at the chance to be one of the first to employ the Stock Service System™.

“Before this system was in place, we really had no control of our stock. When a bin went empty we ordered more - usually in huge quantities. We had techs running all over town trying to locate a part that we should have had on hand. Now that the system is in place, I can clearly see what stock we use every day. I am ordering smaller quantities of items more often, so money is constantly moving.

“Joe Hodes and his guys are tremendously generous with their time and energy. They continually give me all the tech support I require, as well as innovative ideas to streamline our system.”

Managing inventory is an integral part of any successful business. But anyone who has planned for an easy, organized system knows that it is not so easily attained. Ordering enough stock items, keeping track of movement and just being able to find a particular item are only a few problems business owners deal with on a daily basis.

Both small and large companies stress over the amount of money tied up in overstocked inventory and the amount of time spent looking for misplaced items.

Resolving these common concerns is paramount to the successful growth of any business. More and more companies are finding the solution in Hodes Company's new Stock Service System™.

This innovative inventory control system is comprehensive but very easy to use. It begins with a thorough list of recommended truck and store supplies. It incorporates custom-built shelving and individually sized bins. It comes with bin labels that illustrate the contents and list the stock number, bin location and min/max stock level quantities for each item.

The Stock Service System™ uses a handheld barcode scanner to manage inventory. This computer software is straightforward and paperless. It shows the stocked quantity and bin location of every item, which helps cut down time spent chasing down parts. Keeping inventory in stock takes only minutes with this extraordinary design.

Hodes representatives use research and expertise in an attempt to overcome the concerns that stem from keeping inventory under control. They meet with potential customers and discuss points of interest and goals. Then they create a detailed list of suggested items to stock and a practical layout for the shelves. By the time the software is introduced, the system is in place and ready to help the professional plumbing contractor become more profitable.

For more information about the Stock Service System™, call Joe Hodes 800/777-6500 Ext. 222 or 816/914-5858; or Marty Fitzgerald at 800/777-6500 Ext. 240 or 913/424-5205.

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