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Sewer Pipes: The Underground Nightmare Sewers backup in homes over 750,000 times a year in North America due to root intrusion, calcification and ground movement from seismic activity. This activity costs homeowners millions of dollars in damage to their homes and landscaping, and millions more in increased taxes due to crumbling underground infrastructure of municipalities.

Backed up sewage in the home creates health risks, such as contamination from mold and harmful bacteria, and also causes sewers to overflow, spewing deadly waste into streets, waterways and beaches.

Replacing underground sewer drain pipe has meant the costly excavation of landscaping, sidewalks, driveways and flooring, only to have the same root intrusion or calcification return to create the same problems.

The future is Nu Flow's trenchless technology.

A new process has been developed and is being used to restore drain lines to better than new with little or no destruction of floors, walls, foundations, landscaping, driveways or anywhere drain lines are located.

The Nu Flow process, called cured-in-place technology, usually requires no digging, which saves time, money and frustration. The process is an alternative to the traditional method of sewer drain replacement and still offers the structural strength of new pipes.

The roots and/or calcification are removed from the inside of the pipes, pipes are cleaned, and an epoxy barrier coating is applied to the inside, creating a smooth and seamless pipe within a pipe. It is so hard that roots cannot penetrate the pipe since there are no longer any joints to penetrate and calcification can no longer occur.

Historic Property, No Digging

Temple Emanu-el in Manhattan is a 2,500-seat sanctuary with more than 10,000 members of New York's finest families. Built in 1929, it boasts 103-ft. ceilings with marble wainscoting and massive columns. Excavation and disruption of service was an unthinkable option.

Nu Flow Technologies' lining solution proved to be the best alternative and was successful where other lining systems failed. The 12-story-high rain drains running through the columns of the synagogue with multiple bends and reinstatements were seamlessly repaired to the delight of the temple's property managers. Nu Flow's lining specialists completed the job in five man days, and all was done above ground!

Nu Flow Technologies has a multitude of rehabilitation products and holds many patents. We can line 1 1/2-inch pipe up to 8 inches, and can line complete sewer systems. Most lining and reinstatement can be done without digging. We can also supply your company with the technology to spot repair laterals, as well as mainline sewers.

Nu Flow's lining system can be launched through cleanouts and allow you to fix problems anywhere in the line at any length. Millions of linear feet of drains have been saved using this cured-in-place process. The finished product has withstood every corrosive environment plus the test of time, eliminating excavation, thus saving homeowners and businesses billions of dollars.

Contact Nu Flow Technologies at 800/834-9597, or visit our Web site at www.nuflowtech.com.

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