Glentronics Inc. has joined the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors-National Association's Professional Product Line with two new battery backup submersible pumps bearing the PHCC's logo.

The Pro Series 2200 battery backup sump pump system tests itself daily and features advanced alarm functions that warn when the pump is clogged or activated, or when the battery is low or defective, which Glentronics President Alan Schulman said accounts for 80 percent of backup pump failures. The Pro Series 1000 system is part of the economy series and offers many of the same monitoring and alarm benefits as its larger counterpart.

According to Schulman, who created the computerized systems, these pumps meet consumers' demands to have technology automatically handle problems.

"Today, everybody expects everything to do things automatically for us," Schulman said. "That's what this does."

The pumps, expected for release in February 2001, underwent several tests to ensure customers clearly understand wordage explaining what to do for each alarm warning. Whereas other submersible pump batteries need replacing about every two years, Pro Series batteries last five to seven years, which Schulman said is a conservative estimate.

From now until its release in February, Glentronics will be soliciting distributors for the Pro Series line, as it will not be sold at retail.

During the PHCC-National Association's annual business meeting, Professional Product Line chairman Don Morin emphasized the PPL lineup has not reached its potential because of minimal support and dedication from contractors. To remedy, Glentronics is offering a $50 perk through 2001 for each Pro Series 2200 pump contractors install. Also, a three-year warranty valid only on contractor-installed pumps is designed to give contractors and the product added authority.

The Pro Series Water Alarm, which also sports the PHCC logo, provides a bonus sale opportunity for contractors. The unit signals floods and leaks by sounding a 110-decibel alarm if touched by water.

Glentronics is a family-owned and operated company based in Glenview, Ill. It joins the Professional Product Line after last year's failed attempt to add Hydromaid to the lineup. Hydromaid opted instead to exclusively offer its water-driven disposal through General Electric. Seven other Professional Product Line partners include Anaheim Mfg., Bradford White, Creed/Plumbmaster, Delta Faucet Co., Hammond Valve, Ward Mfg. and Water by Design.