As part of a customer satisfaction survey on its Champion toilets, American Standard in August installed 115 toilets in the homes of Champion, Mich., residents. The company designated the small Michigan town (population of 294) as the official home of "America's Best Flushing Families" and installed the free toilets for a real-life customer satisfaction test in 72 homes and six small businesses.

Participating residents and business owners agreed to complete satisfaction surveys and measure their water usage through the end of the year. In return for their participation, one lucky family will win a grand prize of an American Standard bathroom suite; everyone gets to keep their Champion toilet.

On average, Champion residents' toilets are more than 11 years old and don't meet current 1.6 gallons-per-flush regulations.

An initial survey of Champion residents indicated their top toilet frustration is having to flush more than once, followed closely by clogged toilets. Of the 80 percent who reported owning a plunger, about 40 percent use them at least once a year, and 23 percent say they use a plunger weekly.

This goes along with other research by American Standard, which states that about one in three people experience regular problems with their toilets, and one in 10 claims their toilet's flapper and chain needs to be tinkered with to work properly.