Whether you are installing or specifying, new advancements in faucet and shower valve installations can now make your job easier and, more importantly, lead to increased productivity. Manufacturers know your time is money, so they continually look to introduce innovations designed to improve your bottom line. Let's face it, if you can install or specify a product in less time, it means you have the opportunity to make more calls, provide more installs and make more profit at the end of the day.

But not only is speed of installation important - it's imperative these new advancements also ensure products are properly installed. This means new install techniques should further enhance your margins by decreasing the likelihood of future callbacks to correct problems.

Are new installation techniques difficult to learn? Well, contractors and specifiers now take for granted what was new and revolutionary not that long ago. For instance, where would the plumbing business be without replaceable faucet cartridges, flexible supply lines and back-to-back shower installations? And these are just a few of the techniques and products that are now industry standards.

So what are some of today's new technological advances in plumbing installations and specifying? Let's take a look at faucet and shower innovations.

Kitchen Faucet Installation In A 'Snap'

Have you ever wanted plumbing products to provide feedback on whether or not they are correctly installed? Although it doesn't “talk” to you, the new Hydrolock installation system from Moen does provide tactile and audible feedback to indicate when a connection is secure. This allows contractors and other building professionals to connect the pull-out hose and water lines to a new kitchen pull-down faucet with ease.

Long known to the trades as the “knuckle-buster” because of the installation's tight configuration, now a telltale "click" and the definite feel of a snap will permit faster faucet installations and reduced labor time. It eliminates the possibility of cross-threading during installation and the need to use tools to attach the water line to the faucet. As an extra security measure, Hydrolock's dual internal o-ring seal prevents the possibility of leaks.


An Installation Short Cut

Installation of Roman tub faucets with their built-in hand shower diverters has always been something of a challenge. Most valves contain a shank that cannot be fit properly until the faucet is installed, leaving the installer with the job of cutting off the shank with a hand saw or Sawzall. This makes for an extra step in the installation process and also requires cleaning up the metal shavings. Moen's answer is the No-Cut Shank which can be installed without cutting. This innovation will permit faster installs of this popular valve, which is popping up in more and more homes featuring large master bathrooms with whirlpool tubs.

Asceri centerset

Install Now, Trim Later

For new construction, one of the most innovative systems on the market allows plumbing valves to be installed at any time during the residential or commercial construction process, with trim being specified later as décor decisions are finalized.

Not only does the latest M•Pact® system save time in lav and shower installations, it also provides enhanced profitability due to the upgrade opportunities available later in the construction process.

Once the valve is installed, it is simple to change the trim from one Moen bath collection to another in just minutes, without having to go under the sink or behind the shower wall. For faucets, simply unscrew the handles and spout, unlatch the lift rod, lift them out and replace them with the new style. Replacing shower trim is accomplished just as easily by removing the handles and the trim from the wall and replacing them. The valve is available in centerset, widespread or mini-widespread styles.

When specifying faucet and shower choices for apartments, assisted-living complexes and other multihousing facilities, you will also appreciate the quick change-outs available with this valve system as tenants leave or when a current tenant has a plumbing problem. Fixtures can easily be replaced on the already installed faucet underbody or shower system. This increases productivity, thanks to both time savings by not having to disconnect and reconnect water lines and decreased labor costs.

And finally, specifiers for hospitality properties will enjoy the benefits M•Pact can deliver, permitting guest room decorating upgrades without having to de-install valves. This too means increased productivity and it offers stylish fixtures in a market where competition can be fierce and setting one property apart from another is crucial. But more importantly, the cost savings are significant - upwards of 40 percent for future faucet replacements because now you don't have to buy valves for these remodels. In addition, since guest room fixtures receive considerably more usage and subsequently more exposure to harsh cleaning compounds, the system provides a host of attractive, durable options that truly stand the test of time.

So it would seem as we'll always have ongoing innovations in kitchen, bath and shower faucet and valve Installation. But what will they think of next? Don't worry, we're working on it!