Commercial Electric Division

Heatizon Systems

Salt Lake City, Utah

Giovale Library - Westminster College The Giovale Library's contemporary design has won numerous awards and been widely recognized for its innovative architecture and harmonious relationship to the existing historical buildings. This brick veneer and block structure incorporates a very steep roof, which uses a standing seam metal roofing system.

As construction was progressing to the roof area, administrators were particularly concerned about the section of roof over the main entrance. This portion of the building, which extended two floors up, was capped with an eight-panel, four gable roof. The fear was that snow could build up on the roof and drainage areas and then slide off, possibly injuring students entering the building. The project architect contacted Heatizon Systems to help address the problem. Heatizon recommended using a low voltage heating unit and bronze screen element placed below the metal roofing system and sandwiched between two layers of an ice-and-water barrier.

The intent of the design was to turn new falling snow into water as soon as it came in contact with the roof allowing it to flow into a roof drainage system. The system is activated by a remote temperature sensor that activates the system when temperatures are below 40 degrees F.