Residential Electric Division

The Paulos residence was a substantial remodeling project of an existing contemporary-style residence. Estimated remodeling costs were approximately $3 million, with total square footage approximately 5,000 sq. ft. The main level is plywood on wood framing with structural steel posts and beams. The home also incorporates a substantial area of uninterrupted glass panels.

A portion of the remodeling included an in-floor heating system under areas where tile and marble were used as floor covering. These areas included the kitchen, master bath and hallways. Heatizon's bronze mesh and cable heating element was used since this was an existing structure with established floor heights. In the master bedroom and master bathroom, Heatizon's bronze mesh was stapled to the existing subfloor. New carpet and marble flooring were installed in these areas. In the kitchen, tough cable was incorporated in a mortar bed below the marble flooring.

Also, included in this project was approximately 750 sq. ft. of snowmelting for the main steps, patio and dog run.