The box van for Bullseye Plumbing in Park Place, Okla., hits the spot for sole owner and operator,Dennis Boyd, owner of PM's August 1999 Truck Of The Month.

Boyd, a plumber for more than 15 years, specializes in finding and repairing leaks under concrete with video accuracy, thus the "bull's-eye."

His truck holds not only basic plumbing tools and equipment, but also a jackhammer, video cameras, locators and monitors.

"There's close to $75,000 worth of inventory in the truck," Boyd says. Beyond the custom-made, 14-foot Ford F-350 box with more than over an additional foot of head room, several other security accessories needed to be installed.

An exterior motion sensor with a 3-foot perimeter "chirps" if someone gets too close, and padlocks on the rear door and door sensors protect the cargo. Also, chrome wheels and running board, two moon roofs, air horn and several exterior lights help make this vehicle hard to miss.

The box contains cabinetry hand made by Boyd, to house all the equipment he needs for a job - more than 3,000 pieces. Several friends, who are sometimes competitors, have asked for Boyd's help in designing their own trucks, and he is only too happy to oblige. He finds the organization and cleanliness of a truck makes a job easier.

"Each fitting is assigned a place," Boyd says. "It's very organized. I can do a full inventory on the truck in 35 minutes."

The van, white with a large red bull's-eye and black line aimed at the center, is washed every Friday, even the carpets that line the floor.

Boyd is very satisfied with the truck's cargo space and finds it wonderful to work out of.

"I can pull right up to someone's doorstep and complete any kind of job 95 percent of the time," Boyd says. "It's very beneficial in production. It's paid for itself time and again."

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