New conference and training center commemorate anniversary ...

Energy Kinetics Inc. and founder John Marran, developer of the System 2000 heat and hot water systems, celebrated 20 years in the business at the company's Lebanon, N.J., headquarters with a new conference and training center. The 2,600-sq. ft. addition will house new product development and in-house training facilities.

Though the Marran family has been in New York's Long Island oil heating industry since 1891, Energy Kinetics began its trek into improving boilers in 1979. With close attention to research data from Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), Marran, a professional engineer, created the prototype of a low-mass boiler design - System 2000.

Results from BNL tests, analysis and field experiments showed Marran's complete package of the new boiler design, burner, domestic hot water tank and control system for multizone heating to be higher in efficiency than any other non-condensing boiler BNL had tested.

Energy Kinetics marketed the System 2000 directly to oil dealers in 1981. In 1985, the company moved to its current headquarters, a 35,000-sq. ft. plant with research labs along with the recent additions. In 1986, Energy Kinetics became the first company to offer oil-fired, sidewall-vent packaged boilers. System 2000, even after 20 years, continues to be considered years ahead of the competition.