When Central Plumbing won the PHCC's "Show Us Our Logo" contest in October, we figured the Baton Rouge, La.-based company should be honored with PM's Truck Of The Month as well.

Owned by Jerry Payne, past president of the PHCC in Louisiana, Central's vehicles are decorated not only with large PHCC logos, but also with red and black lettering highlighting the company's name and phone number.

With more than 28 on staff, the 26-year-old company finds plenty of workers driving around the Chevy 3500 series vehicles to jobsites. Central also owns several utility vehicles, two "big box" trucks and an airplane.

The inside of the extended van is put together using Chevy's shelving package. "It's easy and neat to maintain," says Payne, whose company was profiled in the June 1992 issue of PM. "All we do is put signage on them, stock them and we're set."

Payne says the vans cost nearly $21,000 each with the package. And it won him PM's Truck Of The Month.