This truck’s logo has brought nothing but smiles, according to Frank Marchand, 11-year owner of Frank Marchand Plumbing.

After realizing that the usual advertising, like t-shirts and flyers, wasn’t helping enough, he discovered through an article that 4,000 people a day would see his logo if it were on his truck. A “starving artist” friend of Marchand’s gave him 40 or 50 designs to choose from. When he saw the man hanging out of the toilet, he knew that was it.

“Kids get a real charge out of it,” Marchand says. “And it’s great, knowing that maybe some day they’ll be my customers too.”

He says that all ages get a kick out of the design. Some older customers tell him of the times when they remember having toilets like the one painted on his truck. And the logo seems to match his usual saying perfectly — “We get into our work.”