To answer criticisms presented at last year’s NAPHCC convention, approximately 250 industry leaders gathered at the 1997 Leadership Conference in Falls Church, VA, to review the association’s current organizational structure and make recommendations for the future. Following are the primary concerns that were addressed and the attendees’ decisions:

Federation System Remains — Leadership attendees did not recommend any type of “Franchise” system or any type of “one-tier” local or state or national-only association membership for contractors. The three-tier (local, state and national) system will remain in effect.

Entry-Level Membership Initiated — The board has taken action to create an entry-level voluntary membership pilot program to be evaluated after one year. The dues will be 50 percent of current active member dues and entry-level members will receive reduced membership benefits.

New Membership Categories Created — Membership categories for student/instructor, contractor affiliate, professional association, facility operator or owner, and vocational member are being implemented. Each of these members will receive member mailings only.

Dues Increase Approval — A 10 percent increase (to $315) will take effect in 1998.

National Logo Identification Endorsed — Attendees recommended that the words “National Association of” be replaced with “Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association.” The purpose will be to show one, unified identity for the entire Federation system.