Just because a company uses one truck to accomplish two goals doesn’t mean it’s looking to cut corners. On the contrary, Advanced Radiant Technology Founder Paul Pollets says his company always seeks the perfect solution — not the low-cost solution.

In the case of the company truck, however, Pollets was able to reap duo benefits from his Isuzu NPR. He chose the truck for his company in part because it is easier from which to work.

“It’s much easier for mechanics to work out of a cube van,” Pollets said.

But aside from the truck being easier for mechanics to get materials in and out of, Pollets also knew the company’s truck would serve as an advertising vehicle.

“It’s also the floating billboard,” he said. All sides of the truck feature clear information about what the company does and how to contact the company’s staff.

“Even the rear door has all of our information,” Pollets points out. “People pull up to a stop light. They look up, and we have all of our information there.”

Pollets said he had Advanced Radiant Technology’s logo professionally designed before he began his company two years ago, paying careful attention to the image and style it would convey on everything the company names appears on: letterhead, its Web site and the truck.

“We’re a high-end radiant contractor, and our look has to be polished,” Pollets said.