Members of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Information Bureau (PHCIB) and of the National Association of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors (NAPHCC) are now listed on PHCIB’s homepage, Announced at PHCIB’s board of directors meeting last month, the internet site is designed to help consumers locate the nearest p-h-c contractors and wholesaler showrooms, and obtain product information of member manufacturers.

By entering their ZIP codes, customers can find a listing of contractors nearest them. Member contractors with their own pages can have their pages hyperlinked to PHCIB’s page free of charge by providing PHCIB with their address. If contractors do not have their own websites, the Bureau will develop and maintain one for them at a cost of $150.

Ask the Home Ranger: Also discussed at the PHCIB meeting was the suggestion put forth by Bureau officer Jack McCarthy, McCarthy Plumbing & Heating, Owatonna, MN, to cut the hour-long radio show into half-hour segments. A sponsor of the show, which features Roger Peugeot, Roger the Plumber, Overland Park, KS, answering call-in questions from consumers about their p-h-c systems, McCarthy has had success with the half-hour format. In addition, McCarthy has interspersed a live call-in show that he hosts with fellow contractors into the schedule.

Unable to provide statistical documentation of the show’s success, McCarthy does claim that since he started sponsoring the show, “this past winter has been the busiest remodeling season for us — busier than we’ve ever had before.”

The PHCIB board has appointed a committee to examine a format change for the show. For additional information contact PHCIB at 312/372-7331.