Burnham Introduces Its V8 Series

Burnham Corp. introduced a new line of oil-fired residential boilers at the recent National Association of Oil Heat Service Managers' trade show in June. The V8 series includes many new design features incorporated over an 18-month planning process, which also included roundtable discussions with heating contractors:
  • New burner design: One of the biggest changes contractors will notice is what they won't hear from the Energy Star-compliant V8, says Eric Stasiowski, Burnham's manager of communications. "An insulated burner cover substantially reduces noise, which has always been a complaint heard from homeowners," Stasiowski adds.
    The jacket over the burner matches the jacket covering the boiler. The boiler's inset frame jacket design makes the unit stronger to resist damage during installation, plus gives the unit a modern appearance. The quick release canopy has no washers or nuts to loosen and removes in seconds without tools.

  • Wider heat exchanger sections: Inside the boiler, wider heat exchanger sections increase efficiency and improve the performance of steam applications. The larger cast-iron sections also stand up to adverse conditions, such as poor water quality. In addition, the cast-iron block is designed to reject soot, which means less service time.

  • Easier access to boiler: A one-piece swing door with an easy-open, articulated hinge allows easier service and solves repiping issues. "The swing door first comes out toward you and then swings open," Stasiowski added. "This should solve piping problems we often heard about from contractors; in the past, the return pipe could have easily obstructed the door."