Another toll-free telephone number has popped up for plumbers to gain a national marketing presence. 888-Plumbing is breaking the country into territories and brokering off usage of the line.

888-Plumbing Group, headed by Frank Campisi, will program customers calls to forward straight into the members’ shops when the number is dialed.

“I was intrigued by the 800-Plumber group,” said Campisi, a White Plains, N.Y.-based plumber. “I thought it was a good concept, and looked around to find a generic number.”

Campisi’s group will be making significant changes to make it stand out from the others. For example, prices for territories will be lower, starting from $175 per month. Territory boundaries will be based on a first come, first served basis, he said.

Also, marketing or long-term planning of the number will most likely be left to each individual member. Member companies will have marketing access to 888-Plumbing Group’s slogan “America’s Best Plumbing Companies.”

“Our start-up pricing will be especially reasonable so as to develop quick growth,” Campisi said. “This service is meant for companies that are looking to grow. If you’re a one-man shop, this service may not be right for you.”

Campisi expected to sign up about 40 people, covering 12 states, when the service was launched. At press time, Campisi was still hammering out details for the program, which he said will be based on a high level of quality, reliability and integrity.

Campisi is a partner in Bruni & Campisi Plumbing & Heating, a $5 million company, in New York. He has served as president and director for the county Independent Master Plumbers Association, as a County Legislation Plumbing License Law Sub-Committee Member and currently serves on the Plumbing Board of Examiners.

For more information on 888-Plumbing, call 914/328-3603 or e-mail