The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling-Contractors — National Association picked up in Toronto where it left off last year in Philadelphia — trying to reposition itself to compete in today’s industry.

NAPHCC raised its dues, expanded its Professional Product Line (PPL) and helped promote the new certification agreement between the NSF International and the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAMPO) at the meeting, which was held Oct. 14-17.

Held in conjunction with the NEX show, NAPHCC significantly changed its dues structure in an attempt to offset financial problems. The new structure will charge $60 per field technician, as based on the average number over the past year. The minimum charge to stay active in the organization will be $300, the maximum charge $1,000. Last year, the dues were raised to a flat rate of $315 per company.

The future yearly dues will be tied to the United States government’s Cost of Living Increase. A similar resolution was dismissed last year in Philadelphia.

The organization also took two steps forward with its PPL. NAPHCC announced Bob Kreutzer, a Kansas-based contractor, as its spokesperson for the line. Kreutzer served as NAPHCC president in 1991-1992, and was chairman of the World Plumbing Council for three years.

Delta Faucet Co. announced it will be joining the PPL. Chuck Dowd, president of Delta Faucet Co., said the products on the line will feature enhancements above and beyond those available on standard Delta products.

“Delta has always maintained a strong commitment to the plumbing industry,” said Dowd. “We hope that other manufacturers will demonstrate support of this worthy project.” Delta’s PPL faucets are expected to be released in April 1999.

The NAPHCC also helped coordinate the announcement that IAMPO and NSF will begin offering joint certification immediately. Under the agreement, IAMPO will accept NSF product testing, evaluations and facility audits to support IAMPO testing and plumbing products. The arrangement will result in up to a 40 percent time and cost savings for plumbing product manufacturers who choose both listings for their products, according to IAMPO’s Russ Chaney.

Other happenings at the meeting:

  • NAPHCC changed its bylaws to allow the membership at large to vote for the new vice president without attending the annual business meeting.
  • Quality Service Contractors (QSC), the service enhancement organization of NAPHCC, announced 25 percent growth in 1998, and now stands at 129 members.
  • The Construction Contractors Alliance (CCA), the new construction enhancement organization of NAPHCC, announced a stronger focus on training, peer groups and tool management. NAPHCC spent $65,000 fighting unfair utility competition in 1998.

Next year’s convention is slated for Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 13-16. PM will have more coverage of the NEX show and NAPHCC annual meeting in December’s issue.