The hydronics institute has announced the resumption of its I=B=R schools beginning this summer. HI will be offering 13 two-day courses on the installation and operation of residential heating systems.

The first day of the course will cover basic system and installation, while the second day will focus on start-up and trouble-shooting.

Contractors can sign up for either both or one day, at a cost of $150 per day. The class held in Utica, NY, July 20–23 will be partnered with the Radiant Panel Association. PM columnist John Siegenthaler will be teaching his Radiant Basics course at the July seminar.

Following the initial two-day course at each training site, a second two-day course on residential design will be offered. The cost of the second course is $350.

HI announced that Bill Benson has been selected as the instructor for both courses.

The institute, which is a division of the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association, disbanded the I=B=R schools two years ago. Since that time the course has been redesigned.

For more information on the courses, call Janine Bosnak at 908/464-8200.