My Leonard Valve is designed to help engineers specify Leonard Valve products.

Thermostatic water mixing valve manufacturer Leonard Valve Co. has updated its website ( to offer a variety of interactive features, including its latest product information and a new online resource called My Leonard Valve, designed to help engineers specify Leonard Valve products.

The site helps engineers specify their most frequently used products, which can then be saved on a separate list for convenient, quick recall. Engineers can also use the resource when sizing a valve using Leonard's CASPAK® program. Once a valve is sized, a job name is applied and then saved for future retrieval. The job can later be changed or additional options may be added before sending it to a Leonard Valve representative to request a quote.

Visitors can also view an extensive range of commercial and industrial product information, including master mixers, emergency systems, point-of-use valves, remote shower controls, hose stations and accessories. Catalog pages, submittal sheets, installation information, CAD drawings and maintenance guides can be instantly downloaded for various products.