The Mill-Rose Company, a manufacturer of twisted-wire brushes, recently broke ground on an expansion project that will add 32,000 square feet of warehouse and production space to its 70,000-square-foot Clean-Fit Products’ facility in Mentor, Ohio. 

The groundbreaking follows a recent 5,000-square-foot expansion of the company’s production facility in 2023 and will increase overall production/warehousing space to 105,000 square feet, creating a state-of-the-art distribution center. The expansion is scheduled for completion in late Fall of 2024 and will be fully operational in 2025.

“Expanding our operations allows us to make necessary investments in equipment and warehousing technologies that translate to Mill-Rose better servicing our loyal customer base,” said Greg Miller of MIll Rose Co. “With Mill-Rose Laboratories and Clean-Fit under one roof, Mill-Rose Industrial just down the road, plus our Mexico and Texas facilities, we have more than 200,000 square feet of production space.”

Mill-Rose has experienced significant growth from its humble beginnings in 1919, and today operates manufacturing and warehouse facilities throughout the United States and Mexico. Strong demand for Mill-Rose brushes, abrasives, PTFE sealants and specialty tools, including Blue Monster professional-grade products, has fostered the company’s expansion. In recent years, Clean-Fit Products has experienced explosive growth with its Blue Monster product line, demonstrating the need for high-quality chemical products, brushes and accessories with a unique and trusted brand name.